[R] SAS or R software

Thomas Schönhoff tom_woody at swissinfo.org
Sun Nov 21 09:12:37 CET 2004


BXC (Bendix Carstensen) schrieb:
> Two major advantages of SAS that seems to have been overlooked in
> the previous replies are:
> 1) The data-set language is SAS for data manipulation is more
>    human-readable than R-code in general. 
>    R is not a definite write-only laguage as APL, but in particular
>    in datamanipulation it is easy to write code that is impossible
>    to decipher after few weeks. 

Not quite sure if this is a valid point! Mostly you'll have to comment 
on code as it is taught in programming course.
If your comments are clear, there shouldn't be any problems to 
understand your code after weeks , month or maybe...........


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