[R] ERROR: installing package indices failed

Sigal Blay sblay at cs.sfu.ca
Sat Nov 20 21:57:12 CET 2004

gregmisc is installed yet the problem persist.
I installed gregmisc using 
(on the same library path where I am trying to install LDheatmap)

> installed.packages(lib='/home/sblay/lib')
          Package     LibPath           Version Priority Bundle    
combinat  "combinat"  "/home/sblay/lib" "0.0-5" NA       NA        
gdata     "gdata"     "/home/sblay/lib" "2.0.0" NA       "gregmisc"
genetics  "genetics"  "/home/sblay/lib" "1.1.1" NA       NA        
gmodels   "gmodels"   "/home/sblay/lib" "2.0.0" NA       "gregmisc"
gplots    "gplots"    "/home/sblay/lib" "2.0.0" NA       "gregmisc"
gtools    "gtools"    "/home/sblay/lib" "2.0.0" NA       "gregmisc"
LDheatmap "LDheatmap" "/home/sblay/lib" "1.0"   NA       NA        


> I am developing a package named LDehatmap.
> It depends on the "genetics" package
> and includes two data files and a demo file.
> When I'm trying to install it, I get the following messages:
> * Installing *source* package 'LDheatmap' ...
> ** R
> ** data
> ** demo
> ** help
> >>> Building/Updating help pages for package 'LDheatmap'
>     Formats: text html latex example
>  LDheatmap                text    html    latex   example
>  ldheatmap                text    html    latex   example
> Error: object 'reorder' not found whilst loading namespace 'gdata'
> Error: package 'gdata' could not be loaded
> Execution halted
> ERROR: installing package indices failed
> Any ideas?

Yes.  You do not have gdata (part of gregmisc) installed, and genetics 
depends on it.  How did you get genetics installed? A binary install?

Install gregmisc ....

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