[R] Rd and document formatting

Mark Strivens mstrivens at houston.rr.com
Fri Nov 19 22:48:11 CET 2004

Thanks Duncan,

I really know nothing about Latex - however the macro you detailed
below does not exist in the file: /usr/lib/R/share/texmf/Rd.sty

The header of that file reads:

%%% Rd.sty ... Style for printing the R manual
%%% Modified 1998/01/05 by Friedrich.Leisch at ci.tuwien.ac.at
%%% Modified 1998/07/07 by Martin Maechler
%%% Modified 1999/11/20 by Brian Ripley
%%% Modified 1999/12/26 by Kurt Hornik

My R version is 1.8.0 - can update the support files (like Rd.sty) 
without doing
a total R upgrade?

Thanks for your help


>>I am trying to compose some documentation for a package I hope to release 
>>However when I do the following:
>>R CMD Rd2dvi --pdf mypackage.Rd
>>I get two mainly blank pages prepended to the top of the document - the only 
>>text on either (at the top of the first page) is as follows:
>>,citecolor=Blue,urlcolor=Red,pdnull null null
>>Curiously if you generate the dvi it is fine and if you generate the pdf from 
>>the dvi using dvipdf it is also fine...
>>Anyone got any ideas?
>>System: Linux 2.4.24 SMP i686 GNU/Linux, latex 3.14159-2.1 pdfTex 3.4.5
>Looks like some LaTeX package is out of date, and doesn't understand
>some of the tex that got generated.  Rd.sty has this:
>  \hypersetup{%
>    hyperindex,%
>    colorlinks,%
>    pagebackref,%
>    linktocpage,%
>    plainpages=false,%
>    linkcolor=Blue,%
>    citecolor=Blue,%
>    urlcolor=Red,%
>    pdfstartview=Fit,%
>    pdfview={XYZ null null null}%
>  }
>so I think your system doesn't have the \hypersetup macro defined (or
>maybe you're using an out of date Rd.sty or hyperref.sty?)
>Duncan Murdoch

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