[R] Rd and document formatting

strivens strivens at bcm.tmc.edu
Fri Nov 19 21:46:14 CET 2004

I am trying to compose some documentation for a package I hope to release 

However when I do the following:

R CMD Rd2dvi --pdf mypackage.Rd

I get two mainly blank pages prepended to the top of the document - the only 
text on either (at the top of the first page) is as follows:
,citecolor=Blue,urlcolor=Red,pdnull null null

Curiously if you generate the dvi it is fine and if you generate the pdf from 
the dvi using dvipdf it is also fine...

Anyone got any ideas?

System: Linux 2.4.24 SMP i686 GNU/Linux, latex 3.14159-2.1 pdfTex 3.4.5

Thanks  Mark

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