[R] R package installation

Timothy D. Johnson tdjtdj at umich.edu
Wed Nov 17 14:37:42 CET 2004

Dear Marco,

I was given an excerpt with your problem about installing package on
a MAC, such as Hmisc.

I had the same problems and found a work around.

I have not had any trouble loading in source packages since, include
Hmisc and Design, acepack and vgam.

First, I downloaded and installed the g77 compiler.

I use a progam named FINK to find, download and intall g77 (so first I 
installed FINK
then from within FINK I downloaded/installed the g77 compiler.) Do a 
"Google" search
for FINK, it is easy to find and install.

After g77 was installed I had to make a symbolic link so R could find 

ln -s \sw\bin\g77 \usr\bin\g77  (I think I had to make a link to my gcc 
compiler also)
\n -s \sw\bin\gcc \usr\bin\g77

It looks like you already have the g77 compiler from the message.  the 
next mesage you can also remedy by symbolic links.  Try

ln -s /sw/lib/gcc   /usr/local/lib/gcc
ln -s /sw/lib/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin7.5.0   
ln -s /sw/lib/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin7.5.0/3.4.1   

The first directory path in each of the above may be specific to your 
configuration for gcc.

But this did work for me, and if you find the correct location for gcc/ 
powerpc-apple-darwinX.Y.Z/U.V.W, you should have no trouble either.

Good luck.


Tim Johnson
Adjunct Asst. Professor
University of Michigan

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