[R] Robust Poisson regression

Henric Nilsson henric.nilsson at statisticon.se
Thu Nov 4 10:00:26 CET 2004

At 18:54 2004-11-02 -0400, you wrote:

>Anybody knows if there exists somewhere in R some implementation of robust 
>Poisson regression,
>where robust is taken in the sense as usen in rlm(MASS). I found something 
>in the package
>wle, but only for the Poisson distribution, not for regression.

Take a look at Eva Cantoni's "Analysis of robust quasi-deviances for 
generalized linear models" paper in JSS 10(4) 

The tar'ed file contains S-PLUS functions, and IIRC the modifications to 
make `glm.rob' run under R were quite simple. I can't find my modified 
version right now, but I remember making changes to lots of `assign' 
calls... I also remember having trouble with `integrate' calls in the 
`quasi.rob.xxx' functions, but since I didn't have to use these I never 
tried fixing it.


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