[R] Building a package under WIN2000 / rw2.0

BXC (Bendix Carstensen) bxc at steno.dk
Wed Nov 3 23:56:12 CET 2004

I have an odd problem in building a package with only R-code in it.
I have a package mainly used by myself which I last  build under R
The operation system is Win2000 5.00.2195, Service Pack 3

When I do:

c:\stat\r\rw2000\bin\Rcmd install --docs=normal --build
--library=c:\stat\R\bxc\library c:\stat\R\bxc\library.sources\xx

then after updating help pages I get:

  preparing package xx for lazy loading
  Error in tools:::.read_description(file) :
          file '/DESCRIPTION' does not exist
  Execution halted
  make: *** [lazyload] Error 1
  *** Installation of xx failed ***

(Yes, I have a DESCRIPTION file).
Having made a few changes here and there in some of the functions I
them one at a time to a new folder and tried to build it there.

The probelm seems to be that once I exceed 5 functions in the package
the above
error appears, with 5 or fewer functions it works OK.

Any ideas?

Bendix Carstensen
Bendix Carstensen
Senior Statistician
Steno Diabetes Center
Niels Steensens Vej 2
DK-2820 Gentofte
tel: +45 44 43 87 38
mob: +45 30 75 87 38
fax: +45 44 43 07 06
bxc at steno.dk

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