[R] Alternative mail archives?

Lennart.Borgman@astrazeneca.com Lennart.Borgman at astrazeneca.com
Thu Mar 4 09:38:35 CET 2004

I have no solution. However I wonder why the mail archives at
https://www.stat.math.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-help/ are not searchable by
Google. That would perhaps be a solution otherwise, since you can restrict
Google to search within just one site. (This applies to some other search
engines too.) 

Since I am also interested in the possibility to search the archive I have
just sent a question to Google to see if they have a solution. I have also
sent that mail to this mailing list. (I hope that does not disturb.)

- Lennart

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Subject: [R] Alternative mail archives?

The searchable mail archive at http://maths.newcastle.edu.au/~rking/R/ is
very useful.  Unfortunately it seems that many of the emails are not
available, many show up in the search results but then return a "file not
found" when following the link.
Is anyone else experiencing this, and is there an alternative mail archive
with a search facility?

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