[R] Question about plotting related to roll-up

Coburn Watson cpwww at comcast.net
Wed Jun 30 18:33:22 CEST 2004

Hello R'ers,

I have a large set of data which has many y samples for each unit x.  The data 
might look like:

Seconds	Response_time
----------    ----------------
0			0.150
0			0.202
0			0.065
1			0.110
1			0.280
2			0.230
2			0.156
3			0.070
3			0.185
3			0.255
3			0.311
3			0.120
.... and so on

When I do a basic plot with type=l or the default of points it obviously plots 
every point.  What I would like to do is generate a line plot where the 
samples for each second are rolled up, averged and plotted with a bar which 
represents either std dev or some other aspect of variance.  Can someone 
recommend a plotting mechanism to achieve this?  I have adding lines using 
some of the smoothing functions but seem unable to remove the original plot 
line which is drawn (is there a way to just plot the data as feed through the 
smoothing function without the original data?).

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Coburn Watson
Software Performance Engineering
DST Innovis

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