[R] Large addresses (Rgui.exe editing)

Franck Siclon franck.siclon at paris7.jussieu.fr
Wed Jun 30 09:48:21 CEST 2004

I'm running R under a 32-bit Win2003 Server with 24 Go RAM ...
I read the FAQ and found that I have to edit my boot.ini file with the 
"/PAE" switch; Done.
I noticed also that I have to set the R image header with the flag 
"/LARGEADDRESSAWARE", but to do this I need Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 
software that I do not have ... Because Pr Ripley clearly mentionned the 
steps to follow in the rw-FAQ, I'm wonderring whether someone has already 
edited the R executable in that way, and thus could share this "new exe 
file" with others ??
Many thanks !

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