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Wed Jun 30 04:31:53 CEST 2004

> We need more details about your problem to provide any useful
> help.  Are all the variables numeric?  Are they all completely
> different?  Is it possible to use `colClasses'?
It is possible, but very inconvenient. There are mostly numeric columns,
but some integer categories, and some string names. The total number is
high, so doing this by hand would take several minutes as well, so a
different solution is preferable. I did use as.is=TRUE, but that did not
seem to make a huge difference.
> Also, having "a couple of gigabytes of RAM" is not necessarily
> useful if you're on a 32-bit OS since the total process size is
> usually limited to be less than ~3GB.

True. "top" shows that the maximal memory usage for the process is about
700MB, so process size was not a limitation (but had I 512Mb, the
thrashing would have killed me...)
> Believe it or not, complaints like these are not that common.
> 1998 was a long time ago!


> -roger
> Igor Rivin wrote:
>> I have a 100Mb comma-separated file, and R takes several minutes to
>> read it (via read.table()). This is R 1.9.0 on a linux box with a
>> couple gigabytes of RAM. I am conjecturing that R is gc-ing, so maybe
>> there is some command-line arg I can give it to convince it that I
>> have a lot of space, or?!
>>     Thanks!
>> 	Igor
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