[R] naive question

Roger D. Peng rpeng at jhsph.edu
Wed Jun 30 04:06:31 CEST 2004

We need more details about your problem to provide any useful 
help.  Are all the variables numeric?  Are they all completely 
different?  Is it possible to use `colClasses'?

Also, having "a couple of gigabytes of RAM" is not necessarily 
useful if you're on a 32-bit OS since the total process size is 
usually limited to be less than ~3GB.

Believe it or not, complaints like these are not that common. 
1998 was a long time ago!


Igor Rivin wrote:

> I have a 100Mb comma-separated file, and R takes several minutes to read it
> (via read.table()). This is R 1.9.0 on a linux box with a couple gigabytes of
> RAM. I am conjecturing that R is gc-ing, so maybe there is some command-line
> arg I can give it to convince it that I have a lot of space, or?!
>     Thanks!
> 	Igor
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Roger D. Peng

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