[R] Regression Modeling query

devshruti pahuja devshruti at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 22 22:52:53 CEST 2004

Please ..... this is not a homework problem and i don't want spoon feeding 
but just the right way to approach the problem or the reference from regular 
texts. I'm doing this for my own learning and understanding of regression 

I'm familiar with most of the techniques of regression  modeling but had a 
problem with my last project which had 17 predictors and i was able to 
unravel very few interactions despite using most of the techniques that were 
there in some standard textbooks. I want an insight from those who have 
modelled fuzzy data --> logical tables and then tried to get some behavioral 

I don't mind coding my own R functions and possess a sound familiarity with 
Numerical Linear Algebra and Matrix theory. Secondly, i don't want to dig 
deep into books to find little useful. Any references that you provide will 
be pretty helpful

Please advise


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>devshruti pahuja wrote:
> > Hi All
> >
> > I received a raw data set with one record per tennis player (both male 
> > female) and then i cured it by aggregation i.e by 4 age groups, 2 gender
> > levels and 6 income levels. Gender and Income are categorical variables.
> > Please advise me how to use 'R' to model this data set (Actually, i want 
> > know the right regression technique and steps to do that, including 
> > outliers at the begining and looking for hidden interactions).
> >
>--- in which case, shouldn't we also sign and hand in the homework for you?
>-- Bert

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