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devshruti pahuja devshruti at hotmail.com
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1. response variable : rankings for a tennis player(not taking account 
career breaks/injury)

2  rankings  Vs player performance & player performance (age, gender, 
   Different gender might throw up surprises as in female tennis rankings, 
we see not much change
   in one playing season where as in men's tennis it's fluctuating. Also, i 
would like to which age   group reflects the prime of a tennis player and 
hence i've changed continuous variables to categorical.

Please advise



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>Subject: Re: [R] Regression Modeling query
>The first question is what you are trying to find out.  What is your
>dependent variable?  What are your hypotheses?
>The second question is why you categorized continuous varaibles (age
>and income)? This is almost always a bad idea
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> >>> "devshruti pahuja" <devshruti at hotmail.com> 6/22/2004 4:25:30 PM
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>Hi All
>I received a raw data set with one record per tennis player (both male
>female) and then i cured it by aggregation i.e by 4 age groups, 2
>levels and 6 income levels. Gender and Income are categorical
>Please advise me how to use 'R' to model this data set (Actually, i
>want to
>know the right regression technique and steps to do that, including
>outliers at the begining and looking for hidden interactions).
>Warm Regards
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