[R] Another NEWBIE

F.Kalder Kalderf at gmx.de
Sun Jun 20 23:05:54 CEST 2004


And thanks again for your answers, perspectives and more...

So, as I understood, R can (nearly) do anything. So, also because it's free,
it is worth a try ;-).

I then next will start with reading some introductory texts. And, wow, I'm
quite 'overloaded', because there is so much stuff available, I don?t know
where to start and get a foot in the door. I think I take one of the advices
and will begin with the "Notes on the use of R for psychology experiments
and questionnaires" text. 

The hint to the Rcmdr package was nice :-). That was nearly like SPSS base
system. When at last to know, which package to use and for what kind of
problem is another thing of course ...

Still I have had problems with importing SPSS files. But I will read on it

The factor analysis tool of Rcmdr I didn?t fully understand. So, there also
will be much work to do.

I also noticed that my stats abilities aren?t very profound. I?m so
'drilled' in doing 'standard stuff' and using more the SPSS output than
knowing exactly what I have to do, that I will have to have a much closer
look into a good book on stats ... well, the Hair et al. is a good book of
course, but any recommendations are welcome :-).

You all wrote about the graphics in R and those in Rcmdr I saw are to me
mostly the same as in SPSS. Nevertheless, I even don?t know when and for
what to use that whole bunch of graphics anyway ... still looking sometimes
a bit envy on huge 3D-graphics of multivariate bell curves and stuff on book
covers but can?t do anything with it.

The data entries by ASCII files are strange to me, because I?m so used to
work with a (the SPSS) spread sheet (mostly the good old typing in from
paper & pencil questionnaires), that I don?t know how to handle that yet.
Maybe using a SPSS- or at least Excel-like tool would be helpful for that.

So, my next move will be reading the mentioned text on questionnaires and
then some basic introduction on R, knowing then, how it principally works,
what?s with the packages, how to manage the data and so on ... I also think,
I have to do some homework on stats either ...

Thanks again ...


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