[R] printing R generated postcript files

Matej Cepl cepl at surfbest.net
Fri Jun 18 17:26:26 CEST 2004

On Wednesday 16 of June 2004 21:23, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> That may be related. I only recently set R_PAPERSIZE to be driven from
> Debian's global paperconf setting which is supposed result in
> /etc/R/Renviron having
> ## edd Apr 2004:  use Debian's paperconf settings, with thanks to Matej 
> R_PAPERSIZE=${R_PAPERSIZE-$(cat /etc/papersize)}
> yet I just noticed that my own installation doesn't have that. And yes,
> looks like a build-time patch failed. bNeed to check that ...

This probably means that you should install libpaper-utils (especially 
papersize(5) may be helpful).


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