[R] Barplots and error indicators: Some R-Code

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Rau, Roland wrote:
> Dear all,
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>>Bar charts have many problems as pointed out in Bill Cleveland's book 
>>Elements of Graphing Data.  Bar charts with error bars have even more 
>>problems.  I prefer dot plots with error bars.  The Dotplot function in 
> 	it might be a bit off-topic but can anyone suggest some online
> material concerning good graph / bad graph examples?
> 	I imagine something like:
> 	a) These are the data and this is the main feature of the data which
> should be represented.
> 	b) This is a bad idea how to represent a)
> 	c) This is a good idea how to represent a) 
> 	I know there are excellent books by Cleveland and also by Tufte
> ("The Elements of Graphing Data", "The Visual Display of Quantitative
> Information", "The cognitive style of PowerPoint", ...) but it would be
> sometimes just more convenient to refer to some online material.
> 	Maybe even some online material about the problems of barplots with
> error bars?
> 	Thank you very much,
> 	Roland
This doesn't cover everything you want but look at 

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