[R] Barplots and error indicators: Some R-Code

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Dear all,

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> Bar charts have many problems as pointed out in Bill Cleveland's book 
> Elements of Graphing Data.  Bar charts with error bars have even more 
> problems.  I prefer dot plots with error bars.  The Dotplot function in 
	it might be a bit off-topic but can anyone suggest some online
material concerning good graph / bad graph examples?
	I imagine something like:
	a) These are the data and this is the main feature of the data which
should be represented.
	b) This is a bad idea how to represent a)
	c) This is a good idea how to represent a) 

	I know there are excellent books by Cleveland and also by Tufte
("The Elements of Graphing Data", "The Visual Display of Quantitative
Information", "The cognitive style of PowerPoint", ...) but it would be
sometimes just more convenient to refer to some online material.

	Maybe even some online material about the problems of barplots with
error bars?

	Thank you very much,

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