[R] Export the R object

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothendieck at myway.com
Fri Dec 31 23:24:53 CET 2004

Ko,Younhee <younko <at> uiuc.edu> writes:

: Hi, 
: I just have a quick question.
: If I got some result as the result of R, how can I export 
: the result object?
: I mean, if I want to use the result object in Excel or other 
: program in order to more specific investigation, how can I 
: export it?
: If I just list the result and copy, 
: The result is like this..
: [586] "BB170029A10B06" "BB170029A20E06"
: First column, automatically show the number of result and 
: other result also include the "".
: If I want to use this result, I have to manipulate the 
: result by myself(I mean e.g remove " and remove [586] like 
: this way)?????
: Or there is any good way to export this result object to 
: other program?

There are many different ways to do this in R including
via text files, .csv files, HTML files and 
Microsoft COM objects.   1. Search the mail archives for 
Excel, 2. read the Data Import and Export Manual and 3. read
the FAQ.  Pointers to where to find these are in
the posting guide at the bottom of this and every post
on this list.

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