[R] Export the R object

Ko,Younhee younko at uiuc.edu
Fri Dec 31 21:35:51 CET 2004


I just have a quick question.
If I got some result as the result of R, how can I export 
the result object?

I mean, if I want to use the result object in Excel or other 
program in order to more specific investigation, how can I 
export it?

If I just list the result and copy, 
The result is like this..

[586] "BB170029A10B06" "BB170029A20E06"

First column, automatically show the number of result and 
other result also include the "".

If I want to use this result, I have to manipulate the 
result by myself(I mean e.g remove " and remove [586] like 
this way)?????

Or there is any good way to export this result object to 
other program?

Please help me. 

Thanks in advance.
Younhee Ko(younko at uiuc.edu)

contact : 217-417-4868
Graduate Student in Dept. of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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