[R] graphics

Fred Hattermann fred at pik-potsdam.de
Thu Dec 30 10:53:53 CET 2004

Dear R-user,
I am a R beginner, and therefore my questions are very basic.
I have a simple problem: I would like to plot 100 time series each 
containing 55 steps. The data are stored in a matrix of 100 columns and 
55 rows. The first problem is to load the data from a file: I tried the 
read.table(), the scan() and the matrix(scan()) options, but I have 
problems to allocate the single columns. The list() option could be a 
solution, but it is very unconvenient: list(0,0,0......).
And how do I plot a single time series, let's say the 50s? And how to 
plot all of them?

The last problem is maybe more advanced: I would like to plot all 100 
time series, but with a confidence interval, where the density of data 
is indicated by the density of the colour of the confidence interval. A 
colleague gave me the tip that this is possible in R2.0 and described in 
the newest newsletter ...

Many thanks in advanced,

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