[R] Interest in commercial support for R, R-metrics and related packages

Seshasayanan Pratap spratap at assembla.com
Mon Dec 20 21:27:45 CET 2004

Thanks for the tip about Spotfire.  We are trying to locate companies that
would be interested in joining a collaborative effort to fund modifications,
enhancements and customizations to R.  Some efforts, such as improving
performance for large datasets, would be released under the GPL.  Other
efforts, such as a better GUI for financial analysts using R, are likely to
be released under a shared code license to members of the collaborative. In
situations where we are developing custom code or shared code, we will
probably use a linking scheme similar to Spotfire.

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      A representative from Spotfire (www.spotfire.com) told me they can 
link to S-Plus and R, and they use those links to produce custom code 
for customers.  By the General Public License (GPL), Spotfire is 
required to offer under the GPL the code for how they link to R, but 
they don't have to make publicly available the code for their core 
product.  Also, I don't think they have to make publicly available the 
code they write for customers as long as they are selling consulting 
services and not software. 

      This may or may not help you, since Spotfire does not focus 
primarily on financial services. 

      spencer graves

Seshasayanan Pratap wrote:

>I am a partner at Assembla, a software services group that helps companies
>make use of open source techniques and software. We have been asked by a
>company in the financial services sector to provide support for their use
>R, Rmetrics and possibly SciViews. 
>I am trying to locate other companies in the financial services industry
>that might be interested in commercial support for R, Rmetrics and/or other
>R packages used for financial analysis. I would like to understand what
>of services - such as technical support, custom development, versions tuned
>for financial analysis, user conferences/workshops, etc - would be
>interesting to users of R. 
>Thank you. 
>Sesha Pratap 
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