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Thu Dec 16 15:12:58 CET 2004

Dear Vasilis,

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> 2) In my function I make use of the Rcmdr package. But every 
> time I use my  function and the Rcmdr package loads, I get 
> the R-commander window and I have to delete it every time. So 
> I wonder if there is a way to avoid R-commander window every 
> time I load the Rcmdr package.

You could remove the .onAttach() function from the package, which calls
Commander() to start the Rcmdr GUI. Because Commander() performs a variety
of initialisations, however, your function may not work properly in its
absence. It's not possible to know whether you'll run into problems without
knowing what you're using in the Rcmdr package. 

I hope that this helps,

John Fox
Department of Sociology
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L8S 4M4

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