[R] HTML help index generation problem with R under Windows

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Mon Dec 13 18:31:24 CET 2004

Sergei Zuyev wrote:

> On ????????? 2004 14:29, you wrote:
>>>Thanks, Uwe, for your response!
>>>a) I'll try to convince our IT people to upgrade, but they are reluctant
>>>to do that often. I must confess, I undestand them - so many times I had
>>>to re-compile and re-install packages after R-upgrades... This indeed
>>>might create a havoc for other users in the middle of the teaching term.
>>So time to convince the IT people that you get write access to the R
>>directory. Just tell them you are volunteering to maintain the
>>department's R installation.
> OK, this might work for myself, but what about students? As I understand every 
> USER of my library will have the same problem, so everyone should have a 
> write access to R installation. If this is so, no sysadmin will ever subscibe 
> to that...

No, if you have regenarted the index, everybody can use it, given the 
installation has taken place on the network share R is located on.

>>>b) This indeed opens an html help but does not fix the problem - my
>>>package is not showing up in the help. This could be expected since the
>>>index file is unchanged from its canonical state.
>>>Any more ideas, please?
>>Well, if you need to update the index, you have to install R into a
>>directory you have got write access to, either network or local drive....
> But under UNIX/Linux the index is owned by the user, so no such problem 
> arises. Why not in Windows?

The index lives in the R installation directory, but not in a user's 
subdirectory, the strategy is completely different here.

Uwe Ligges

> Cheers,
> Sergei

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