[R] Re: Tetrachoric and polychoric correlations, Polycor package

David Duffy David.Duffy at qimr.edu.au
Thu Dec 9 07:28:51 CET 2004

A bit late, but you might like to look at


Regarding the original posters queries:

You can analyse polychoric correlations as if they were Pearson
correlations using standard software (eg sem), and this usually doesn't do
too badly, or go to AWLS (Browne) in LISREL etc, or ML analysis
of the full multidimensional contingency table using programs such as Mx,
or as you noted, mvtnorm (Mx uses Alan Genz's algorithms).

You can check model assumptions, and compare the results to those
from similar loglinear models.  For example, for a 3-way table, a single
factor model based on polychoric correlations should fit "perfectly", if
the no higher order interaction assumption is right,

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