[R] Request for Gamma frailty

rahgozar m.rahgozar at uswr.ac.ir
Thu Dec 2 07:35:28 CET 2004

  Dear Sir/Madam ,

  I need to use " Gamma Frailty Model " in a simulation study ,so I 
should replicate the program many times and get estimates of 
" THETA and its Variance " or "Variance-Covariance" matrix Or 
Variace of random effect in Gamma frailty model in Survival analysis
at each time of replication.
 But when I use " $frail " and " $Var " and "$THETA " to retrieve 
the estimate of THETA and its Variance for each replicate , I get NULL
response and when I use " $coef " I retrieve the coeficients only but 
not THETA and its Variance.
 Since I need to get THETA and its Variance at each time of replication 
so I need to know the name of these variables as used in the source 
program . 
 I would be very grateful if you could kindly guide and help me to use
appropriate statment to get the name of required varibles used in the 
source program or if you could introduce me to anybody that could help 
me .    

  Thanks a lot in advance .
 With The Best Regards ,

  Mehdi Rahgozar

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