[R] Protocol for answering basic questions

Mulholland, Tom Tom.Mulholland at dpi.wa.gov.au
Thu Dec 2 06:18:27 CET 2004

I would support the notion that there is no defined point, after which you do not need to ask basic questions. I would not like the list to be split.

There is no need to change anything fundamental. I do not believe that it is rude to expect people to put effort into ensuring that they are not needlessly using other people's time, because of their lack of skill. If the response's are at time's a little bit curt, it is an exceptionally small price to pay for the aid given by the list. 

Imho, people who follow the posting guide do not receive inappropriate replies. 

Tom Mulholland 

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... As for arbitrary thresholds like 2 years, I have been using R since
1996 or 1997, and I would still find it necessary to be on the 'nonexpert'
mailing list.  I beg the keepers of the flame: DON'T split the list.

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