[R] R on Irix 6.5 fails when trying to load external data?

William Faulk wfaulk at icoria.com
Thu Dec 2 01:43:29 CET 2004

Peter Dalgaard wrote:
> You did clean up and start from scratch after building gmake, right?


> The best idea I can come up with is that you might have a dud
> "install" command sitting somewhere and getting in the way. I believe
> this has tripped IRIX users before, but I could be wrong.

You seem to have hit the nail on the head, sir.  Spot on.  Apparently, 
Irix's /usr/bin/install is ... poor.  (This is a *family* mailing list, 
right?)  Along with its make.  Why do they bother including them if they 
don't work right?  On the other side of the fence, why do configure'd 
programs look for it at all when they've got install-sh sitting right 
there that does everything they want?  Ah, well; as long as it works....

Now I have another error in regard to being unable to resolve a symbol
in a library, but I think that's back in the realm of things I can 
figure out.

Thanks very much,


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