[R] box m-test in R , 2nd

Nicolaas Busscher busscher at wiz.uni-kassel.de
Sun Nov 30 21:03:15 CET 2003

Hi all,
For the box m-test i found a matlab script for the box m-test. i
converted it to R and it seems to run so far with the testdata from
the author. I am not a statistician, so for me it would be helpfull if
somebody can supply me with data and the output, so i can check it
further. when i have the permission from the author (i asked him this
morning by E-mail) i will share it, if there are people who wants to
test and use it.

Nicolaas Busscher
Dr.Nicolaas Busscher Universität GH Kassel
Nordbahnhofstrasse: 1a, D-37213 Witzenhausen
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