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      English may have greater variation between regional dialects than 
does Spanish,  The Scots roll their r's, and I suspect it is more like 
the Spanish rolls (perro) than taps (pero), though I have not had enough 
contact with the Scots to judge.  The English r may be closer to the r 
in Portuguese, French, and German than Spanish but does not close the 
throat.  Try making an r like you do but without letting your tongue hit 
the roof of your mouth. 

      hope this helps. 
      Que esto pueda ayudarle!
       spencer graves

Patricia wrote:

>Would you help me to answer this question, please?
>/r/ is one of the most difficult English sounds to acquire and imitate. Describe in what ways it is different from our Spanish rolls (perro) and taps (pero).  How does the pronunciation of this sound vary according to the context? Find at least three examples of linking r and intrusive r and transcribe into phonetics. When do we use them? Why are they used? 
>I`ll waiting for your answer.
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