[R] Raqua.dmg on MacOS X Panther?

cstrato cstrato at aon.at
Wed Nov 26 22:27:17 CET 2003

Dear MacR users

During the weekend I did a clean install of MacOSX 10.3.1, of Apples X11,
of Apples development tools, and of the basic Fink 0.6.2 package.

Now I have just downloaded Raqua.dmg from CRAN and installed the
RAqua, libreadline and tcltk packages.
Sorrowly, double-clicking on StartR has no effect, and starting R from the
command line does not find R, even if I start R from /usr/local/bin.

Does the Raqua binary work with Panther?
(Why do I need to install tcltk, when it comes installed with Panther?)

Thank you in advance
Best regards
C.h.i.s.t.i.a.n S.t.r.a.t.o.w.a
V.i.e.n.n.a       A.u.s.t.r.i.a

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