[R] readline problem under src-compiled R 1.8.x under Mandrake 9.2

ivo welch ivo.welch at yale.edu
Sun Nov 23 17:48:42 CET 2003

thanks, marc+brian.  it was indeed not installed.  i was under the mistaken 
impression that readline was just a linkto library.  the compile now works great.

suggestion:  if libreadline is installed and libreadline-devel is not 
installed, please print a warning/suggestion message during the ./configure. 
(i wonder whether there are other similar libraries for which I should have 
installed the devel version, too.)

I did search R documentation for "readline" failures via google for a while, 
but failed to find this particular reference.  Yep, I did not fully read the 
docs from start to end again (its been a while), so mea culpa.  still, adding 
the warning at ./configure time is a good idea.  apologies for taking 
everyone's time.  and thanks for the help.  now I will try to research how to 
build a binary for md 9.2 for others (to make up!)



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