[R] howto improve sharpeness of fonts in a jpg-image produced by R ?

Marc Schwartz MSchwartz at medanalytics.com
Tue Nov 18 15:29:46 CET 2003

On Tue, 2003-11-18 at 07:45, Niels Steen Krogh wrote:
> Hi.
> I've done a standard barplotexample using R1-8.0, redhat8, probably using a 
> GhostScript-integration.
> How can I improve the "sharpness" of the fonts.
> See for example the barplot (originally jpg coming from R) which is part of 
> this screendump:
> http://www.zug.dk/Members/Nielssteenkrogh/1067525916309553166/element_103003161029
> I'm not sure where to improve the this. Is it an R-issue or an 
> GhostScript-issue or?
> /Niels

In general for fonts, using bitmapped image formats are not the best way
to go since they cannot result in "smooth" curves.

Depending upon how you plan to actually use the images, PS/EPS/PDF
vector based image formats would yield higher quality images and fonts.

Be aware also that bitmapped images do not resize well, which is another
limitation of that format.


Marc Schwartz

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