[R] A suggestion regarding multiple replies

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Sat Nov 15 01:16:48 CET 2003

      Replying to all also notifies everyone else that an answer has 
been provided to the questioner.  I believe that replies to the 
originator do not go to the archives, which make it harder for someone 
else with essentially that question to get an answer from "search".  The 
number of multiple responses could be reduced dramatically if this 
listserve did not have such a long delay.  However, I presume the 
primary obstacle to that may be budget constraints at the Swiss Federal 
Institute of Technology in Zurich (ethz.ch).  I'm happy to have the 
service, and I don't have the resources to help upgrade ETHZ's server, 
so I don't complain. 

      Besides I read this list like I read a newspaper:  There is no 
need to read every reply.  People concerned about the volume can 
subscribe to the daily digest. 

      Briefly, I like the system as it is. 

      spencer graves

Douglas Grove wrote:

>On Fri, 14 Nov 2003 partha_bagchi at hgsi.com wrote:
>>I was wondering if it is time to adopt a strategy a-la Splus help whereby 
>>people reply to the author and the author summarizes all the replies?
>That might be a bit extreme, but it would be nice if people didn't
>reply to the list (only to the authors) for very basic questions.
>Most of us already know how to e.g. find the position of the 
>largest element in a vector.
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