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Ko-Kang Kevin Wang kwan022 at stat.auckland.ac.nz
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On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Marc-Antoine Vaillant wrote:

> I have a very simple question. If a want to save a whole program (say more than 5 command lines), how can I proceed without each time using the command history (that allow me to recall previously saved command, but which is to long if you want to recall more than 5 command lines), or without saving to a text file and use copy/paste when I open a new R session (but in fact this doesn't work since when you copy your program to a text file, you copy the "<" or the "+" , and when you paste it back to a new R command sheet, you get syntax error since you now have double "<" (<<) and double "+" (++) at each line.

Please wrap your text to something like 80 character per line...

Copy/paste works very well.  Instead of copying from your R session over 
to a text editor, why don't you do it the other way round?  i.e. type your 
R codes in your favourite editor, THEN copy/paste into R.  That way you 
don't get any syntax error, and you have all your R codes saved into one 

There are several good tools.  (X)Emacs/ESS is one of them (and it's the 
one I prefer).  For beginners there is RWinEdt (a plugin, written by Uwe 
Ligges, for WinEdt).  Both allows direct communication from the editor to 




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