[R] calling R from Perl

Jonathan Baron baron at psych.upenn.edu
Mon Nov 3 12:04:12 CET 2003

On 11/03/03 10:37, martin at ist.org wrote:
>I want to call R from Perl to generate plots to be displayed on a 
>webpage. What I found out so far is that there is a package called 
>RSPerl on www.omegahat.org which should do what I need. However in 
>the description it says it has been tested with R 1.3.* the latest.
>I'm using R 1.8.0 right now so the package seems rather unmaintained. 
>It is not easy for me to just install it and see if it works because 
>I have to contact the sysadmin everytime and he is kind of reluctant 
>on 'just trying things out'.
>Does anybody have experience with RSPerl or any other solution on how 
>to do this? Any help is appreciated,

RWeb, at http://www.math.montana.edu/Rweb/

actually works, and it does what you are trying to do, although
not necessarily exactly what you are trying to do.  It isn't
being maintained either, it seems.  I wrote Jeff Banfield, the
author, and received no reply.  It is a very nice package, and I
think it could serve as the foundation for a GUI that would be
useful for students.  (That was its intention.)

You might also look at the CRAN package CGIwithR, which I have
not tried.

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