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Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Sat Mar 29 05:45:06 CET 2003

Did you look at Pinhiero and Bates (2000) Mixed Effects Models in S and 
S-Plus (Springer)?

I've been able to do several things with lme using this book that I 
could not figure out without it;  "lme" is state of the art but not easy 
to use.  It is a space shuttle, not a bottle rocket.

Spencer Graves

John Reeve wrote:
> Hello R Folks,
> Would someone mind posting a simple example of a repeated measures analysis
> using lme?  I'm trying to duplicate the analyses in Chapter 3 of the "SAS
> System for Mixed Models" manual, in particular those on p. 88-102 and
> involving different correlation structures.  The data have the usual
> split-plot layout for repeated measures.  I have downloaded the "SASMixed"
> examples from CRAN and run them, but except for the first example these
> don't seem to match the SAS output.  Thanks for any help.
> Best wishes,
> John
> reevejd at earthlink.net
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