[R] file.show("morley.tab") responds "NO FILE"

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Fri Mar 28 08:43:52 CET 2003

Jameson C. Burt wrote:
> "An Introduction to R", Venables and Smith, Version 1.6.2 (2003-01-10) 
>     http://cran.r-project.org/doc/manuals/R-intro.pdf
> has in its "Appendix A: A sample session", page 81, 
>    file.show("morley.tab")
> I get the response
>    NO FILE morley.tab

The solution: Please read the first 8 lines (on page 80) of that 
Appendix as well.
"You should also have the file ‘morley.tab’ in your working directory. 
If not, seek the local expert (or get it yourself from the ‘base/data’ 
subdirectory of the default R library tree). If you have, proceed."

Uwe Ligges

> The following  "Introduction to the R Project for Statistical Computing"
>    www.itc.nl/~rossiter/teach/sstat14/ RIntro_ITC_2003022.pdf
> comments on the same problem at the bottom of his page 5 and on page 6.
> His solution is to enter the full path
>    file.show("/usr/lib/R/library/base/data/morley.tab")
> which works but depends on your system's R.home(),
> /usr/lib/R for me [my searchpaths() includes /usr/lib/R/library/base].
> He then suggests the solution
>    data(morley)
> This works, but would force a few line changes 
> in Appendix A of the document "An Introduction to R".
> Venables and Smith's succeeding example for beginners to try has
>    read.table("morley.tab")
> which also fails with
>    cannot open file `morley.tab'
> I use Debian Linux version 3.0 (woody) 
> with installed R version 1.5.1,
>   r-base          statistical computing language and environment
>   r-base-core     core of statistical computing language and env
>   r-base-dev      installation of auxiliary GNU R packages
>   r-base-html     html docs for statistical computing system fun
>   r-base-latex    LaTeX docs for statistical computing system fu
>   r-doc-html      html manuals for statistical computing system
>   r-doc-info      info manuals statistical computing system
>   r-doc-pdf       pdf manuals for statistical computing system
>   r-gnome         Gnome gui for statistical computing system
>   r-mathlib       standalone mathematics library
>   r-recommended   collection of recommended packages
> Perhaps others don't have this same  file.show("morley.tab") 
> problem, but if others do have this problem, 
> then this beginners' documentation should alter a couple lines 
> on page 81.

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