[R] file.show("morley.tab") responds "NO FILE"

Jameson C. Burt jameson at coost.com
Fri Mar 28 06:55:20 CET 2003

"An Introduction to R", Venables and Smith, Version 1.6.2 (2003-01-10) 
has in its "Appendix A: A sample session", page 81, 
I get the response
   NO FILE morley.tab

The following  "Introduction to the R Project for Statistical Computing"
   www.itc.nl/~rossiter/teach/sstat14/ RIntro_ITC_2003022.pdf
comments on the same problem at the bottom of his page 5 and on page 6.
His solution is to enter the full path
which works but depends on your system's R.home(),
/usr/lib/R for me [my searchpaths() includes /usr/lib/R/library/base].
He then suggests the solution
This works, but would force a few line changes 
in Appendix A of the document "An Introduction to R".

Venables and Smith's succeeding example for beginners to try has
which also fails with
   cannot open file `morley.tab'

I use Debian Linux version 3.0 (woody) 
with installed R version 1.5.1,
  r-base          statistical computing language and environment
  r-base-core     core of statistical computing language and env
  r-base-dev      installation of auxiliary GNU R packages
  r-base-html     html docs for statistical computing system fun
  r-base-latex    LaTeX docs for statistical computing system fu
  r-doc-html      html manuals for statistical computing system
  r-doc-info      info manuals statistical computing system
  r-doc-pdf       pdf manuals for statistical computing system
  r-gnome         Gnome gui for statistical computing system
  r-mathlib       standalone mathematics library
  r-recommended   collection of recommended packages

Perhaps others don't have this same  file.show("morley.tab") 
problem, but if others do have this problem, 
then this beginners' documentation should alter a couple lines 
on page 81.

Jameson C. Burt, NJ9L   Fairfax, Virginia, USA
jameson at coost.com       http://www.coost.com
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