[R] Re: [Rd] R-1.7.0 beta available

Marc Schwartz mschwartz at medanalytics.com
Thu Mar 27 20:35:19 CET 2003

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>Many thanks for your help Marc. You just have to run "make 
>check" on the latest beta on RH 9.0 and let us know what 
>happens. A clean install, rather than an upgrade is the best 
>testing environment since an upgrade may leave RPMS from 
>previous installations lying around, but you are not obliged 
>to do this.  I don't expect any problems this time since the 
>major change relates to threading and, as Brian has already 
>pointed out, R doesn't use threads.
>By the way, I shall continue to provide R RPMS for RH 7.x for 
>those people who follow the rule of never upgrading to an x.0


You are very welcome.  

It was my plan to do a clean install with RH 9. I am hoping to
download the ISO's via RHN during the week of the 31st along with the
other paying bleeding edge adopters, so hopefully I will have an
answer that week.

This is predicated of course on it being reasonable to have an
optimistic outlook relative to there being no substantive problems
during the install and subsequent tweaking...  :-)

BTW, on the x.0 release issue, a perhaps not so subtle point.  All of
the recent official RH informational documents and e-mails have it as
" RH 9", not "RH 9.0".  Perhaps an indication that RH is moving to a
whole version numbering scheme to enable faster adoption of new
versions...marketing...  ;-)

Best regards,


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