[R] locfit troubles

William T Morgan wmorgan at mitre.org
Tue Mar 25 21:42:45 CET 2003

Dear R experts,

We've been playing with the locfit package and are experiencing a
problem I am hoping for some help on.

We have a dataset of 13k points, one dimension of which is "judgment",
either 0 or 1, and the other "score", an arbitrary scalar (in this case
it's between .65 and .85). We use


which is the simplest scenario we can think of (though not the one we
would like to use ultimately). The problem: under very small alpha1s
(e.g. 0.001), we see the warning "newsplit: out of vertex space" and
locfit produces a non-sensical output.

Does anyone know the source of this warning? More importantly, are we
mistaken in our usage of such a small alpha1? (The scores are very
tightly packed; there are no windows of size .001 without at least
a few datapoints).

Thank you for your help.

William T Morgan <wmorgan at mitre.org>
The Mitre Corporation

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