[R] Winedt and R on Windows XP

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Mon Mar 24 22:26:08 CET 2003

"Yang, Richard" wrote:
> Dear All;
>         I have used Winedt editor in conjunction with R on the Win2K
> platform for more than a year without any problem. Recently I purchased a P4
> machine with Windows XP. Following the installation of  R1.62 

I guess you mean R-1.6.2, but which version of R-WinEdt (it's mentioned
in ReadMe.txt; please use the latest one: 1.4-1)?

> and WinEdt 5.3
> to separate directories, I copied R-WinEdt to the Plugins subdirectory under
> the Winedt directory, clicked on the "install" file and edited the Rprofile
> with two options as follows:
>                 options(editor="\"c:/apps/WinEdt Team/Winedt\
> -c="R-Winedt-edit\" -e = r.ini -V")
>         options(pager="\"c:/apps/WinEdt Team/Winedt\ -C="R-Winedt\" -e =
> r.ini -V")

These are just the lines to turn (R-)WinEdt into the editor and pager
used by R.
If you really need these lines, you have to 
a) set all required quotes,
b) escape the right quotes, and
c) specify the executable instead of the path (I guess you did the
latter assuming a default installation):

 options(editor="\"c:/apps/WinEdt Team/Winedt/WinEdt\" 
   -c=\"R-Winedt-edit\" -e=r.ini -V")
 options(pager="\"c:/apps/WinEdt Team/Winedt/WinEdt\" 
   -C=\"R-Winedt\" -e=r.ini -V")

Please follow the examples in ReadMe.txt.

>         After I started up R and opened Winedt, there were no R script, run,
> history icons shown on the WinEdt window. What did I miss ? Any suggestions?

Have you installed R-WinEdt properly (the answer is YES, if there is a
file c:/apps/WinEdt Team/Winedt/R.ini, as mentioned in the ReadMe.txt)?
Have you created the shortcuts to start WinEdt with the R-WinEdt plugin
properly (it's mentioned in ReadMe.txt).

For further communication related to R-WinEdt, please contact its author

Uwe Ligges

[BTW: Looks like my comments at DSC2003 on the desirability of a new and
convenient installation procedure for R-WinEdt were correct.]

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