[R] Winedt and R on Windows XP

Yang, Richard dyang at nrcan.gc.ca
Mon Mar 24 21:33:13 CET 2003

Dear All;

	I have used Winedt editor in conjunction with R on the Win2K
platform for more than a year without any problem. Recently I purchased a P4
machine with Windows XP. Following the installation of  R1.62 and WinEdt 5.3
to separate directories, I copied R-WinEdt to the Plugins subdirectory under
the Winedt directory, clicked on the "install" file and edited the Rprofile
with two options as follows:
          	options(editor="\"c:/apps/WinEdt Team/Winedt\
-c="R-Winedt-edit\" -e = r.ini -V")
	options(pager="\"c:/apps/WinEdt Team/Winedt\ -C="R-Winedt\" -e =
r.ini -V")

	After I started up R and opened Winedt, there were no R script, run,
history icons shown on the WinEdt window. What did I miss ? Any suggestions?


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