[R] [OT] Appropriate test?

Blaise TRAMIER meles at free.fr
Wed Mar 12 03:37:05 CET 2003

	I'm having some problem with a dataset and I don't really know how to 
analyse it.

I have 20 subjects in two groups of treatment (8 an 12 subjects).
Biological measure have been recorded at different time, from t0 (before 
the treatment) to t7 (3 days after). The time elapsed between each 
measure is not constant.

What is the most appropriate test to show a difference between the 2 

I thought that an anova for repeated measure could do the trick, but I 
didn't really find how to do it with R.

I sorry for being OT but I didn't really know where to ask this 
question. If you could redirect me on a appropriate forum or mailing 
list to have that sort of help, I would appreciate a lot.

Thanks in advance.


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