[R] installation on FreeBSD

Shingo Ichii ichii at ms.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Thu Mar 6 11:52:37 CET 2003


> I just changed to FreeBSD platform, and want to install R on it. I use
> FreeBSD 5.0 and install nearly all packages on the machine. When I use
> ports to install R, (cd /usr/ports/math/R-letter, and then type make) I
> got the following error information.
> ../../../../library/methods/libs/methods.so is unchanged
> dumping R code in package 'methods'
> Fatal error: The X11 shared library could not be loaded.
>   The error was /usr/ports/math/R-letter/work/R-1.6.0/modules/R_X11.so:
> Undefined symbol "R_GlobalEnv"

I encountered the same problem.
My quick solution is:

	$ ./configure
	$ make (fails)
	$ cd src/main
	$ rm R.bin
	$ edit Makefile
	(uncomment the line 81: "R_bin_LDFLAGS = -export-dynamic")
	$ make
	$ cd ../..
	$ make

Hope this helps.

Shingo Ichii
Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo

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