[R] ESS+R not closing gracefully

ripley@stats.ox.ac.uk ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Mon Mar 3 11:16:02 CET 2003

I think it is a Windows/Emacs issue.  That example works perfectly with
Rterm --ess in a shell.  Some debugging shows that Rterm calls
exit(status) and then fails to shut down.  So it is hanging in the C
shutdown routines.  My guess is that as Emacs still has the file handles
open it is using to communicate with Rterm, it is fighting with Windows to
stop them being closed.

Not an R-help issue.

On Sun, 2 Mar 2003, John Fox wrote:

> Dear Tony and Damon,
> I, too, have seen this problem (and other similar problems) occasionally. I 
> don't really understand the source of the problem, but I think that it 
> involves synchronization issues, and I find that inserting delays between 
> operations seems to help. Take a look, for example, at the configuration 
> files I've posted at 
> <http://www.socsci.mcmaster.ca/jfox/Books/Companion/ESS/>, in particular 
> the menu items for exiting. Finally, I find that problems are less common 
> with Windows 2000 than with Windows 9x, but I gather this isn't your 
> experience.
> I hope that this helps,
>   John
> At 10:49 AM 3/2/2003 -0800, A.J. Rossini wrote:
> >Damon Wischik <djw1005 at cam.ac.uk> writes:
> >
> >
> > > I am having trouble with ESS+R. I don't know if it is an ESS
> > > problem or an R problem, so I'm posting to this mailing list in
> > > the first instance.
> >
> >Actually, it might be an Emacs problem -- or an R problem.  The fact
> >that R/ESS works under windows is simply amazing.
> >
> >Unfortunately, while I've seen it, I'm not sure how to solve it; it
> >isn't your configuration.

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