[R] Use Rterm in rxvt for Cygwin?

ripley@stats.ox.ac.uk ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Mon Mar 3 09:14:05 CET 2003

Rterm is a Windows application.  It works fine in Windows tcsh and in 
Cygwin bash on Windows XP (and last time I looked, Windows 98 too).

I find that rxvt.exe does not work at all well on Windows XP. You should
send bug reports on it to Cygwin, not R.

There is an R console  Rgui, and the principal function of Rterm is to 
provide a batch use of R.  If you insist on using a long-obselete and 
primitive version of Windows, please use RGui.

On Sun, 2 Mar 2003, Paul Y. Peng wrote:

> Dear R users,
> Does anyone notice that Rterm.exe does not work well with rxvt.exe,
> an xterm emulator for Cygwin? It produces an error message window
> with the following message:
>     This program has performed an illegal operation
>     and will be shut down.
>     If the problem persists, contact the program vendor

That's rxvt, not Rterm.

> It also prints "Signal 127" in rxvt window.
> Rterm --ess, however, works. But its command line editing is awful
> because it is for Emacs, not for a shell window.

No, there is no command-line editing at all and it is dangerous to use 
modes like that other than for their documented purpose.

> Rterm.exe works well in a MS-DOS window. Because of limitations
> of the MS-DOS window, I would like to use Rterm.exe in an rxvt
> window. I am using R-1.6.2 and rxvt-2.7.2 on Win98se. Thanks for
> any comments.

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