[R] Dismal R performance of Athlon moble CPU?

M. Edward Borasky znmeb at aracnet.com
Thu Jul 24 05:21:17 CEST 2003

I haven't gotten around to assembling the toolset required to build R on
Windows, since most of what I do is smallish interactive problems. However,
another possibility would be to load CygWin/XFree86 on your laptop (which
I've done), then download Atlas 3.5.7 from SourceForge (which I've done),
then build Atlas with CygWin(which I've done) and then build a second
version of R under CygWin using Atlas, and use the CygWin/Atlas R for the
heavy number-crunching jobs. This last I haven't done, so I can't say
whether there are any gotchas, but everything else I've done with
CygWin/XFree86 has worked. My laptop is a Compaq Presario with a 1.67 GHz
Athlon XP. Atlas screams on it; the Atlas folks were grinning when I sent
them the log. Atlas has an assembly language kernel for Athlons (and P4s as
well IIRC).

Oh, yeah ... If you do try my scheme, make sure you don't have spaces in the
paths ... Atlas still isn't immune to that sort of thing under CygWin.

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> I have been using a laptop computer of Pentium III 1.13 Ghz. 
> I heard that AMD's Athlon has excellent floating point 
> capacity. So I bought a Athlon 2200+ laptop yesterday. I 
> expected that new Athlon 2200+ will be twice as fast as the P 
> III 1.13 GB. I ran a R simulation program and the new 
> computer is only 30% faster, in fact slightly slower than a 
> Celeron 1.50 GB laptop. I am very disappointed by this. What 
> is your experience with Athlon? Should I stick to Intel in 
> the future? Thanks.
> By the way, the OS is Windows XP home edtion.
> Jason
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