[R] methods help and glmmPQL

Roger D. Peng rpeng at stat.ucla.edu
Mon Jul 14 18:22:22 CEST 2003

I think with the introduction of namespaces in R version 1.7.0 many of 
the methods in packages were hidden from the user.  That's why (for 
example) VarCorr.lme does not show up.  methods(class =) only shows 
user-visible methods.  Notice the following:

>  methods(VarCorr)
[1] "VarCorr.lme"       "VarCorr.pdBlocked" "VarCorr.pdMat"   
>  VarCorr.lme
Error: Object "VarCorr.lme" not found
>  methods(class = "lme")
[1] "anova.lme"    "plot.lme"     "simulate.lme" "vcov.lme"   
>  vcov.lme
function (object, ...)
<environment: namespace:base>

For some reason, those other methods are not hidden from the user. 


Federico Calboli wrote:

>Dear All,
>I would like to ask you to help me with my memeory. I remember using some
>function that would list all the possible methods I could apply to an
>object. Say, if I had an object of 
>it would tell me that that I could do stuff like 
>qqnorm(myobjct), or VarCorr(myobject). In general, a very complete list.
>I though this list of all possible methods would pop out by typing 
>methods(class = lme) or, methods(class = whatever class my object is),
>but, if I type: methods(class = lme), I get:
>"anova.lme"    "plot.lme"     "simulate.lme" "vcov.lme"
>nowhere as complete list as I would expect (no mention of VarCorr, for
>So, what was the magical command I used to get a list of all the possible
>ways of skinning an object? 
>Secondly, how do I get to see the SS and MS of the fixed terms of a glmmPQL
>fit ?
>Federico Calboli
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>University College London
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