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Mon Jul 14 14:50:35 CEST 2003

On 14-Jul-03 Adelchi Azzalini wrote:
>> Maybe it is reasonable to propose incorporating "drop" as one of the
>> things you can set with "options"? :--
>> [...]
> Perhaps this is a way-out. As usual, everything is feasible when we
> resort entirely on our own code.  The danger is that we might make
> use of some package (may be written some years ago) which assumes
> drop=TRUE is the default behaviour, and changing the default behaviour
> might (potentially) have disasterous effects.

Indeed. However, it should be OK when embarking on a block or function
of matrix computations, written by oneself, to enclose it between


(unless some of the standard or "base" matrix functions which one
might use in "..." depend on the default. How could one tell?).

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